September 3, 2016 Papalati

Update 09/03 – Jobs, Tutorials, and Demo Reels… Oh My!

Hello once again, my faithful following of Papalatians… that’s more like T-ins instead of Shins. 🙂

I have another very quick update for you, but felt like with me kicking off my new tutorial channel I should start posting more on here. So, let’s take a moment a do a quick breakdown of the status, that is my life…

  • Job. Still on the lookout for a job, art job that is. Have some freelance possibilites on the horizon, just waiting to confirm more the details of the paperwork, before the design phase can commence. I do find that due to the lack of 3D work on my website, that there are those out there that are doubting my knowledge when it comes to 3D and Maya specifically. (I’m talking to you AlloyFX guys with your Cinema 4D mograph effects.) Anyway,  Autodesk is hosting its bi-annual Open Door certification coming up here in a month on October 16th. I’ll be going to get Autodesk Certification for Maya Professional. I’m certainly hoping after attaining this level and joining the ranks of my fellow colleagues my lack of work will be substituted with this particular clout.
  • Tutorials you say! And tutorials you will get. So, head on over to my YouTube channel and check out the new Papalati’s Tutorials here! More on the way and so speaking of more, the image above is a quick screenshot of the one I’m currently working on. It will be a series based on the creation of a 1940’s Willy’s Jeep. Modeled in Maya, then optimized for game assets, UV’d, Materials created in Quixel Suite and Photoshop tweaking and finally rendered in Marmoset. Yummmmmm.
  • Getting a lot of push to get my Demo Reel up and running on the website to share with you folks. So, I’m gonna do that as well, and I’ll also have a tutorial series on that if you wanna check it out. Things just take longer as you record everything as you do it, so please be patient.

That’s it for now!