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    March 2013


    Papalati Games


Another title we were working on creating a concept for was a game we were calling M.i.D.A.S.

The name M.i.D.A.S. was derived from the A.I. that the main protagonist used in the game. Miniaturized Infiltration Detection and Acquisition System. Basically, it was going to be some sort of “Google Glass” type of goggles that the main character would wear to find a way to get into a place with heavy security to locate and take possession of an item he/she was personally searching for or was a contract from a 3rd party. After getting into the place it would then turn into basically an escape room scenario where not only would you solve puzzles to find the item you are looking for while using your M.i.D.A.S. gear, but also a way out before the silent alarm will trip and the authorities would be notified, arrive on location and take you into custody.


And once again we were met with the same situation as before. The more we talked about the game it became more than just a simple escape room cash-grab. And so we decided to put this one on the backburner indefinitely. 


In-Game UI Concept

Inventory / Status Menu Concept

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