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10942 Fallstone Dr.

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    10942 Fallstone Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45246

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    (513) 550-4303

Hi, my name is Scott Thomas, but in the art world I go by Papalati (PAPA-LAH-TEE).

I’ve always had a passion for art, yet only recently finding the ability to create as a true labor of love. Nowadays I typically use my Wacom Tablet for my creations, but occasionally will grab the ‘ole sketchbook and some Col-Erase pencils and do some old fashion work.

I’m currently working on several projects, some recent and some long running. From my long in development short film Glory Days, an story based art book, and getting a startup game company off the ground. So that makes me a little busy when I’m not doing my day job and spending time with my wife of four years now.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

”Those that say they never got a chance never took one.” – Anonymous

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